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We took the country club out of tennis and made it fun for everyone.


No points. No scores. Just play.
Fitness Group
About Us

When was the last time you really had fun? I mean the kind of fun you had when you were a kid. Has it been a while?


We believe in a new way to play. Join us in reclaiming your journey with missed shots, belly laughs, and the kind of fun you can only have in a group. Rally Racquet Club provides the space for the kind of healing you didn't know you needed.


It is like a book club but without everyone lying about reading the book.


So pick up a racquet and play tennis with us instead? Not any good? Who cares.

The Rally Racquet Club Experience


Community Play

Play with your bestie...or make a new bestie in our local communities. No points, no keeping score, just get out of the house and play.


Digital Club Hubs

Whether you'd like to create your own club or join one already in full swing, pun intended, we make it easy. Chatting or setting up rally dates has never been so fun.


All-In-One Starter Kits

Starting something is always more fun with new stuff. Get everything you need in one click.

Get Started Today
Start your own Rally Racquet Club and invite whomever you want. Don’t know who to invite? Just grab your bestie and fill out the form. Boom! It’s that simple.

Or maybe you are new in town and want to jump into a club already serving up fun. It's a Grand Slam either way.
Featured Local Clubs
Rally Racquet Club Favourites
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